can Diet changes help for Treat Toenail Fungus

Can Diet Changes Help for Treat Toenail Fungus Infection: Learn ALL

Fungal infections are sudden and you always spot them out of nowhere. You see your nail has been discolored for a while and it strikes that you may have a toenail fungus infection.

It is quite common to have a toenail fungus infection. However, the fact is not many people treat this infection.

It is easy to treat toenail infection in its beginning stage.

You should first make some diet changes to help your immunity levels increase. This can successfully cure toenail fungus infection.

Can Diet Cure Toenail Fungus?

Although diet alone cannot cure toenail fungus infection, following an anti-fungal diet helps treat the infection faster. If the infection has just begun, there are chances that changing your food habits can alone make a huge difference.

What is an Anti-Fungal Diet?

An anti-fungal diet is a diet that helps you fight fungi by improving your body’s immunity. The diet excludes the foods that help the fungi to grow.

It promotes the consumption of certain oils and ingredients that can improve the activity of good gut bacteria. Thus, the body begins flushing out fungi.

An anti-fungal diet also requires you to ensure that your meals are nutrient-dense and you consume vitamins or minerals supplements if needed.

Who should follow an Anti-Fungal Diet?

This diet can be followed by anyone who has a toenail fungus infection. Only people with chronic vitamin or mineral deficiencies should refrain from going on a strict diet.

They should consult their doctor before eliminating a few foods from their diet. The following people should not follow a strict Anti-Fungal Diet.

  • Mineral Deficiency
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • IBS
  • Underweight

It is always advised that you consult a doctor before making major changes in your diet.

What are the foods that are said to Treat Toenail Fungus?

  • 1. Coconut Oil

Lauric acid in coconut oil makes it impossible for fungi or yeast to grow. Most anti-fungal diets involve replacing your current food oil with coconut oil.

You may use it as a dressing on your salad, to cook or saute vegetables. You should use virgin or unrefined coconut oil as it has more benefits.

  • 2. Probiotics

Probiotics have been used for ages now to improve immunity levels. Unlike antibiotics, probiotics don’t kill the good bacteria in your gut but promote the good bacteria’s growth by removing bad bacteria.

This process helps eliminate fungi of all types. You can find probiotics in many fermented foods such as yogurt, curd or other supplements.

Including probiotics in your daily diet can also improve digestion and metabolism.

  • 3. Sugar-Free Diet

If a sugar-free diet seems impossible to you, you can try a low-sugar diet. Consuming too much sugar or sweets can damage your metabolism and gut health.

Sugar allows yeast, Candida or fungi to grow and multiply more. Hence, you should find substitutes of sugar. You may use honey instead of sugar to add natural sweetness to your food.

Studies explain how chewing raw garlic every day can reduce fungi’s ability to thrive. Allicin in garlic provides you with lots of antioxidants that can help your body fight any alien attackers like fungi.

You can also have garlic supplements or simply include pieces of it in vegetable salads.

  • 5. Curcumin

The active component of turmeric is called curcumin which is said to kill many yeasts and fungi. It also helps improve your body’s natural immunity against fungal infections.

By strengthening your body’s defence it helps you fight infections, bacteria, virus and other health conditions effectively.

What are the foods to be excluded from your diet to Treat Toenail Fungus?

Here’s what you should avoid:

  1. Do not consume excess sugar.
  2. Do not consume too much gluten.
  3. Some meats may be harmful to your health.
  4. Refined oils can worsen the condition so consume virgin coconut oil.
  5. Do not have vinegar or soy sauce. The extreme flavours can be harmful.
  6. Cut down on milk and other dairy products.
  7. Artificial sweeteners are a big no-no!
  8. Anything that contains mold is also a big no-no!
  9. Say no to additive-containing foods.
  10. Do not consume alcohol or such beverages that reduce the potency of medicines.

Examples of what you can include:

While you may still continue to eat your regular meals, here’s a list of foods that you can additionally include to heal your toenail fungus faster than usual.

  1. Fruits containing less sugar and more vitamin C: Lemon, berries, limes
  2. Lots of vegetables but not the starchy ones.
  3. Grains such as millet, oats or buckwheat.
  4. Proteinous foods such as chicken, eggs, salmon etc.
  5. Fats from virgin oils of olive or coconut.
  6. Some organic dairy products including ghee and butter.
  7. Nuts including almonds, seeds, and coconut.
  8. Lots of herbs and some antioxidant-rich spices
  9. Herbal tea
  10. And lastly, some natural condiments.

How much can diet help in toenail fungus’ treatment?

Well, not many studies have reported a complete treatment of toenail fungus on changing your diet.

However, many experts have proven how changing diet and following healthy food habits can improve your body’s immunity that fights such infections. 

As one of the biggest reasons for being infected with toenail fungus is having a weaker immunity or poor nail hygiene, it is strongly believed that healthy eating should be considered when you want to treat it.

Studies to support how diet can treat Toenail Fungus.

In a recent study conducted by PubMed, it was proven how diet changes can reduce inflammation and oxidation in adults of all age groups.

When inflammation is reduced, immunity is improved and chances of fungal infections can automatically reduce. Hence, it is advised to make small dietary changes in people with toenail fungus infection.

It is also helpful in other health diseases, “In conclusion, an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant dietary pattern is inversely related to diabetes.

Further research is required to understand the overall framework within which foods and nutrients interact to affect metabolic pathways related to diabetes risk.”


Although you may not see a complete cure of toenail fungus with dietary changes, you will certainly see an improvement in how your body deals with certain symptoms of toenail fungus infection. So make sure you make these changes and consult a doctor immediately.


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