Copper Socks For Toenail Fungus

The basic treatment for toenail fungus includes anti-fungal medicines. These medicines help in the elimination of the fungal infection from your body.

However, various remedies might aid in the condition as well. You can also use these remedies with regular anti-fungal treatment medicines.

Copper socks are a popular home remedy that is effective for the toenail fungus. This makes it lead to the list of possible remedies for this condition. Let us discuss more on the effects of copper socks.

What are Copper Socks?

When people first heard the word copper socks, they often imagine wearing heavy socks. In reality, it is quite the opposite.

Copper socks are almost like your regular socks, but the primary difference is in their material. In general, copper socks have extra benefits.

How are Copper Socks Made?

The making of copper socks is all because of modern technology. With the help of this technology, scientists embed copper ions in the yarn material of the socks. It allows the copper ions to exist in the socks for a lifetime.

With the help of this technology, we can convert regular socks into socks with health benefits. It is beneficial for the user, and they are easy to wear for day-to-day use.

How Does Copper Kill Fungi?

Copper ions can damage the cell wall of microorganisms. It includes bacteria, virus as well as fungi. After making its way inside the cell, copper ions then attack the DNA. This most likely destroys the organism.

Benefits of wearing copper socks when you have toenail fungus

  • 1. Help get rid of the odor due to fungal infection

We all know that one of the bad things about having toenail fungus is that it releases the bad odor. Copper socks help in getting rid of this problem.

This problem will soon resolve. The only condition is that the person wears these socks multiple times in a day.

  • 2. Anti-inflammatory

These copper socks are helpful in inflammatory cases of toenail fungus. Copper has anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes any form of swelling in feet.

  • 3. Moisture free

As most people know, that humidity increases the chance of getting a toenail fungus. Moreover, it also increases the progression of the condition.

However, the copper socks contain anti-moisture molecules in them. It helps to prevent moisture and helps to keep your feet throughout the day.

  • 4. Anti-microbial effect

Copper helps to protect the feet from fungal and bacterial infections. Several studies prove the efficiency of copper socks in infectious conditions.

This is the reason that podiatrist recommend copper socks for several foot conditions. This includes the athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

  • 5. Non-invasive treatment of toenail fungus

Unlike some other methods, copper socks are completely non-invasive. You will not have to inject or take supplements to increase the intake of copper.

Moreover, you do not need to apply anything before starting this therapy. Replace your regular socks with copper socks.

Why is Copper necessary?

We all are aware of the use of copper in electrical equipment. Copper is the best conductor of electricity and heat. Recycling this material is easy.

Copper is also an essential element that is important for the health of living things. Copper helps in providing nutrition to various organs of the body.

It is also essential for some metabolic processes. One such significant advantage of copper is that it helps to synthesize red blood cells.

According to research, copper helps in destroying even the most resistant microorganisms. You can take the example of MRSA for this. Experts suggest that until 2050, people will die from MRSA more than they die from cancer. Copper is effective in destroying these bacteria.

If I wear copper socks regularly, will that increase the level of copper socks in my body?

No, this will never happen. The human body is self-regulating machinery. It means that the body can eliminate anything excessive from the body by itself. In case there are concerns about Wilson’s disease.

You must know that Wilson’s disease is very rare. It affects only one is thirty thousand people all over the world. Moreover, it causes the accumulation of copper in the brain or liver. Such people should refer to their doctors before using copper socks.

Can a person wear copper socks even if they do not have toenail fungus?

You can consider copper socks as an upgrade to your regular socks. Even if you do not have toenail fungus, you can wear these socks to prevent such disease in the future.

Moreover, it does not only help in preventing fungal infection. Copper socks also help in the elimination of bacteria. Any person, regardless of their occupation, can wear copper socks regularly.

Studies to Support that copper socks have antifungal properties

A study helped to treat toenail fungus with the help of copper salt. In this study, scientists use 10% of aqueous copper sulfate. The research further proves that the use of copper also helps in the prevention of toenail fungus.

Another study helped to identify the antifungal effects of copper socks. The participants of the study were all players from a football team. All the players had to wear socks interlaced with fibers of coppers.

The majority of these players were suffering from athlete’s foot. A type of fungal infection that occurs between the toes of athletes. Within eight weeks, most of the players said that their infections had resolved.

It helps in eliminating the humid environment. The research also indicates that socks with a high concentration of copper are more helpful. This helped to treat the athlete’s foot in 12 hours.


Copper is an ancient metal that the Egyptians used as a disinfecting agent. Modern technology utilizes the beneficial effects of these socks. With the help of these copper socks, a person with toenail fungus can manage their condition.

It does not only help to treat toenail fungus but also works to prevent it. Furthermore, it helps the user deal with several other issues relating to toenail fungus.

This includes the bad odor and humidity in feet. Several studies prove the beneficial effects of copper socks in toenail fungus.


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