Does Thyme Oil Kill Toenail Fungus?

use thyme oil to cure toenail fungus

This fungal infection can be white, brownish or can cause discolouration in one of your toenails. Though toenail fungus can be difficult to cure, it is important to treat it. If left untreated, your feet’s health may be in danger. A lot of drugs used to treat Toenail Fungus cause a lot of side-effects. For example, people take prescription drugs like Lamisil, which can also cause liver damage. So let us focus more on the natural ways of healing the toenail fungus. Rather than suffering from the side-effects, it is always better to be treated in a natural and effective manner. There are lots of ways through which toenail fungus can be treated without prescription drugs, however, one has been prominent – Thyme Oil.

What is Thyme Oil?

Thyme is a herb. The flowers, leaves, and oil of Thyme are used as medicine to treat various diseases. At times Thyme is also used with other herbs to create an effective combination of medicinal herbs. Let’s understand the usage of Thyme. It is taken to cure the following:

  • Bronchitis
  • Cough
  • Upset stomach
  • Worm infections
  • Skin disorders
  • Intestinal gas
  • Urine problems
  • Swollen tonsils
  • Bad breathe

Apart from treating these illnesses, Thyme oil can be used as aromatherapy as well as healing. As thyme oil has many antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to cure many fungal infections. The only thing that you need to take care while using Thyme Oil to cure a fungal infection is: use the best quality!

Does Thyme Oil really cure toenail fungus?

Many doctors have now started recommending remedies that contain thymol, the primary oil found in thyme oil, to cure toenail fungus. It is commonly found in medicated chest rubs to treat cold and cough or other skin diseases. One such ointment is ‘VicksVaporub’. As per some recent experiments, thymol was proven to be the most effective in curing the dermal toenail fungus. It destroys the root cause of the toenail fungus. According to a source, thymol destroys candida fungus by disturbing its cell membranes and metabolism. Many of the patients were healed completely by regular application of thyme oil.

Since a lot of scientific experiments have already been conducted, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Thyme oil is really effective in curing toenail fungus. Many people do not know how to use thyme oil directly and hence they coat their toenail with VicksVaporub. And, it always has worked! For those who want to try Thyme Oil remedies, keep reading!

Using Thyme Oil to cure toenail fungus:

Thyme oil can be easily found at any medical store or an aromatherapy centre. Since thyme oil is derived from thyme, which is a mint, it has no side-effects and is extremely safe to use for any fungal infections. You can apply it externally. However, for thyme oil’s intake, you must consult a doctor to check if you’re allergic to its properties.

Thyme oil application can be extremely good for the people who have a mild toenail fungus as it can cure the fungus very efficiently. In case the toenail fungus is serious, it might take a bit longer for Thyme Oil to do its work. Many people suggest that you should rub thyme oil on the cuticle area. The cuticles will soak the oil. As thyme oil has anti-fungal properties, it will make sure that the fungus doesn’t grow back and your nail remains stronger. As per another method, you should use a metal nail file when you get your feet out of the thyme oil bath. By filing off layers of skin and nail after soaking them in thyme oil, the healing process will fasten.

A few doctors suggest using Thyme and Jojoba together. You can use one ounce of jojoba oil and up to 5 drops of thyme oil. After mixing these two, apply on your toenail fungus and leave it for 15 minutes. Do this regularly and you will get really great results just within a few weeks.

One can’t certainly tell how long it will take for the toenail fungus to cure with the help of thyme oil. It can take a few weeks, months or even a year to cure toenail fungus completely. Actually, it depends on how severe the fungus or the infection is. If it is a mild one, you can expect the results to be seen in a few weeks, however, in severe cases, you have to be patient and regularly apply thyme oil.

When to use Thyme Oil?

If you’re on some prescription drugs, you can apply thyme oil regularly for faster results. In a mild case of toenail fungus, you can avoid taking the prescription drugs as there are lots of side-effects. Instead, just apply thyme oil regularly and you will be shocked by the miraculous results. In some cases, medicines don’t work well and you have to depend on natural remedies only.

As thousands of studies have proven that Thyme Oil works well against fungus related conditions, you can use it without worrying. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before trying any essential oils, including thyme oil. The only side-effect of applying thyme oil can be irritation of the skin. This is a very rare side-effect as a very less number of people are allergic to essential oils. So it is better to check and then apply thyme oil.

So all-in-all, Thyme Oil has been used since ages to cure fungal infections and is absolutely safe and effective way of killing the toenail fungus.

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