Dose Using Clorox On Toenail Fungus Work? Find Out The Side Effects

A toenail fungal infection is quite embarrassing for a few of us. It looks disgusting to have a yellow or discoloured toenail.

While the appearance of the toenail embarrasses you, the fungi actually damage your body.

It is important to take your medicines and perform some home remedies that can treat this condition faster.

Clorox Bleach has been used for years now as a home remedy to treat toenail fungus. Although it doesn’t have many scientific pieces of evidence to support the claim, it genuinely works.

Clorox can be used in many ways to treat your toenail fungus.

How can Clorox help?

Bleach is a harsh water solution that can kill 99.99% of bacteria and fungi. As most bleach concentrates are really harsh, they can wipe out the surface of the toenail and ensure no fungi survives.

Clorox bleach is often diluted before using. Since bleach is a good home remedy to treat toenail fungus, Clorox is used the same way. It can help clear signs of toenail fungus when you dip your feet in the Clorox solution.

Can Clorox be poured on your toenail fungus?

As the name says “Clorox”, it literally clears bacteria. Many Clorox products have precautions mentioned at the back of the package. It says not to use on the skin.

As it has chlorine, it can dry out our skin and cause rough patches. In the worst cases, Clorox can completely damage our skin.

So whatever your reasons may be, never pour this bleach solution directly on your toenail fungus.

What are the Clorox Bleach products one can use to treat toenail fungus?

While Clorox is an amazing bleach brand, people think bleach is Clorox. So when they set out to buy bleach, they say, “I’m going to buy Clorox.”

It is a really great brand that has substituted the word ‘bleach’ in itself. We have multiple options in Clorox itself. While treating toenail fungus, you should op for a milder bleach solution of Clorox. The following options are available.

  • Clorox standard bleach
  • Clorox bathroom cleaner
  • Clorox kitchen cleaner
  • Clorox cleaner + bleach/ Gel cleaner
  • Clorox dishwashing liquid
  • Clorox tablets to dissolve in water

In case you use these, ensure you use gloves and dilute all/any product well in water. You may even add other ingredients to make your foot-soak solution a great remedy.

A Step-by-Step Method to cure Toenail Fungus with Clorox:

  • 1. Trim Your Nails

Before dipping your feet into any solution, you must ensure that your nails are cleaned and trimmed properly. Not trimming your nails can cause additional infections.

Longer nails give fungi more space to breed and survive.

  • 2. Wash Your Feet

Of course, the bleach will clean your feet thoroughly, but washing your toenails thoroughly before dipping them in the Clorox solution will allow the bleach to work better.

You may use any anti-bacterial soap and rinse it with lukewarm water.

  • 3. Add Clorox to water = Dilute It!

Do not pour or dip Clorox directly on your toenail directly. Diluting Clorox minimises the risk of burning or swelling of toenails.

You may dilute Clorox into cold or warm water. This is to be done as directed by your physician. Or most people use cold water to dilute Clorox.

  • 4. Add essential oils and other ingredients

To ensure best results, people add many anti-fungal ingredients or essential oils such as tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, oregano oil, cinnamon oil, argan oil or lemon oil. You may also add anti-fungal ingredients such as cloves, vitamin capsules and so on.

Adding such oils can save your nails from being discoloured, brittle or hard. The essential oils will take care of your skin condition, make it smoother and fight the fungi too.

However, adding these ingredients is an optional task.

  • 5. Dip Your Toenails/Feet

Some people only dip their toenails as they think soaking feet can dry off the skin. However, you can always soak your feet into the bleach solution as it ensures that your feet remain cleaned too.

However, if you feel any discomfort or have any allergies, you must consult a doctor immediately. Discomfort is rarely seen. If you dilute it well, there will never be any problems.

  • 6. Wash Your Feet/Toenails again

After removing your feet and toenails from the solution, it is very essential to wash your feet with normal soap and water. This will help prevent any skin infections or redness after the remedy. You should also dry your feet and moisturize them with a water-based moisturizer. This protects and prevents any dust from being accumulated in the toenail.

Can Clorox be used in other ways?

Yes, there are only a few other ways to use Clorox to kill the toenail fungus infection:

  • Clorox & Vaseline: Mixing Clorox with Vaseline gives you a smooth paste to apply on your infected toenails. You can let it settle for about 15 minutes and rinse it off.
  • Use a Q-Tip: If soaking is difficult, you can simply use a Q-Tip and apply a little amount of Clorox on your toenails, this will wipe out any trace of fungi from your nail bed.

Remember, these methods are simply time-tested and not doctor-suggested. You should continue taking your medicines while you try Clorox as your home remedy.

How much Clorox should be used every day to clear the fungus infection?

Experts suggest using 1/4th inch powder or 1 tablespoon Clorox in a gallon or two of cold or warm water to create a perfect soaking solution for your toenail fungus.

If you’re going to use the vaseline method, you only need a few drops of bleach to create a thick paste.

If you use the Q-Tip method, you only need about two drops of Clorox to apply on your toenails.

How often should you use Clorox solution?

Clorox solution is said to be safe is used as directed here. You can use the solution at least twice or thrice a day to see effective results. Most people who use Clorox solution at least twice a day see that their toenail fungus completely disappears within two to three months.

However, you should be very dedicated in your approach and should not skip this remedy even one day. If you’re just beginning to try this remedy, try only a little amount at first and check if you’re allergic or not. You can slowly reduce or increase the amount as per your judgement.

Theories to support how Clorox can work to treat Toenail Fungus

Science explains how some bleach products can be very harsh and harmful. However, the brand Clorox is extremely safe as it has already been tried by many individuals.

Clorox is not a medicine or a therapy, it is simply a suggested home remedy to treat toenail fungus at home.

It may work for some individuals, while may cause discomfort for some (if used in a wrong manner).

Inhaling the Clorox bleach can cause asthma, swelling of the respiratory tract and much more. Dangers include inflammation, skin infection, redness, swelling, soreness, blisters, burning sensation, fever and asthma.

All the reviews suggest that this remedy is 100% valid and gives a good success rate too. In 90% of patients, toenail fungus completely disappeared after regular usage of Clorox. Of all Clorox methods, soaking feet is said to be the best.


However, tempting this remedy may appear, do not quit taking medicines. Kindly continue taking your medication.

Although the infection may disappear from the nailbed, it may still exist inside your skin or veins. So please do the remedy and take your medicines regularly.





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