Is Clove Oil Good for Toenail Fungus?

clove oil for toenail fungus

A toenail fungus is a very embarrassing and painful disease that takes a long time to be cured. Many people have been looking for some natural ways to treat the toenail fungus as the medicines prescribed by the doctors have a lot of side-effects. They usually take a toll on our immune system. We feel weaker and weaker day-by-day. Some of these medicines have a very terrible side-effect on our digestive system. In some cases, the people who have a mild toenail fungus avoid the prescribed medicines and try to cure it naturally. However, if the toenail fungus becomes severe, it is advisable to continue the medications along with the natural remedies. The natural remedies are the most effective ones since they have no side-effects and cure the diseases of their roots. Oh, but they do require a lot of time and patience. One of these remedies is clove oil. It is an essential oil which has a lot of health benefits. The fact that it has antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal properties makes it the best treatment for toenail fungus.

Now let us first understand what Clove Oil is.

Clove oil is extracted from the clove plant, which is often used for aromatherapy. It is also used to add a great flavour to some medicines. Clove oil can be derived from the bud, stem and leaf of clove plant. Clove is very beneficial itself and its oil is used as a therapy for lots of diseases. The eugenol in clove oil is used as an antiseptic and hence, it is often used in the dental industry.

A lot of people have started using clove oil to boost their gum health, reduce acne, inflammation, and improving blood circulation. It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the pain too. Since it has the capacity to boost the immune system, it can be very useful to kill the toenail fungus. Based on recent studies, it has been proven that regular application of clove oil on the infected toenail can treat the fungus.

How to use clove oil to treat toenail fungus?

Clove oil not only cures toenail fungus but also treats the side-effects caused by any other cream or medication. Follow these steps regularly to cure the fungus:

1. Wash your hands and legs properly and make sure you clean them.

2. Dry your feet, especially toenails, because fungi love the moist environment and can grow there.

3. Then apply around 6 to 7 drops of clove oil on the infected toenail.

4. Massage your toenail gently and let the skin and nail soak the oil.

5. You can then wear your socks or shoes to keep your toenail covered.

6. Repeat this two to three times every day.

7. If you have a broken toenail, you can dilute the mixture with a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil.

You can expect a drastic improvement if you do this regularly. Now many people start applying clove oil but since it takes a lot of time and patience, they quit the process midway. This is never going to help! So if you decide to try this, stick to it!


Only the best quality of clove oil should be used. You must look for the freshly made olive oil that is used for aromatherapies. They’re usually very easily available.

When should one use clove oil?

Well, you can even use it regularly to keep your feet healthy. As a lot of aromatherapy centres mix clove oil with other oils and use it for massage, you can use it to take care of your toenails. Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? You must find out if you really have toenail fungus. Consult the best doctor in the town and get to know more about your infection. In case of mild toenail infections, many people prefer avoiding oral medication because of its ill-effects, so it is always suggested to use essential oils like clove oil to cure the fungus. However, if the infection is severe, continuing the medication is good because the fungi can enter your bloodstream if not treated at the earliest.

Even after you get visible results, it is suggested that you keep using clove oil. If the toenail fungus returns after a few months, you must see a doctor and take the prescribed medication.

Applying clove oil has no side-effects. That’s why you can trust it. In a very rare scenario, one might have allergies to plants or herbs. It is good to check than worry later, so ask your doctor if you’re allergic to these. Just do not use the undiluted or the unrefined extract of the clove spice. It can give you irritation, rashes, burns, or contact dermatitis. If you’re unfortunate, it may even damage your skin cells. So, please… Use the best quality!

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