Is Toenail Fungus Contagious? The Facts

Nail fungus is an infection of the toenails. The first sign of nail fungus is a whitish tinge on the toenails. It is advisable to start treatment as soon as you notice the early signs. Just like any fungus, toenail fungus can be stubborn and difficult to treat over time. Fortunately, there are home treatments and remedies that can be used to treat and manage the problem. You can treat the condition by soaking your feet in Epsom salt and also using essentials.

Unlike popular belief, poor hygiene is not the only cause of toenail fungus. The fungus is also contagious, and this means you can get it from visiting a public bathroom. Sharing nail files and other nail grooming tools can also transfer the fungus from one person to another. It is advisable to maintain hygiene and take caution when visiting public bathrooms. After treating toenail fungus, there are chances that you might get it again. Fortunately, you can prevent contacting toenail fungus the second time by taking the necessary precautions.

How to prevent toenail fungus after treatment:

  • Disinfect old shoes or buy new ones

After treating toenail fungus, it is advisable to buy new shoes and boots. The last thing you want is to catch an infection from your old shoes. You need to remember that fungus stay in the shoes and it is advisable to get rid of them before wearing your shoes after the treatment.

Using a sanitizer will kill all the fungus and guarantee you safety when wearing the shoes. On the other hand, you can decide to buy new shoes. Toenail fungus is likely to reoccur even after the first treatment, and you should make sure that you prevent that from happening as much as possible.

  • Wear the right shoes

It is advisable to wear the right shoes after treating toenail fungus. Toenail fungus tends to grow when your feet to do not air. When buying shoes, make sure that you buy a breathable material like canvas, leather or mesh. You should also wear the right fit because wearing tight shoes can encourage the growth of fungus. The idea is to keep your fit as dry and as comfortable as possible.

  • Clean and dry your feet

The best way to avoid toenail fungus is to clean and dry your feet. Clean your feet before you go to bed and make sure that you dry them before wearing shoes. Moisture leads to the growth of toenail fungus, and you need to dry your feet after cleaning them completely. It does not hurt to take some time to clean between the toes to make sure that you get rid of all the moisture.

  • Do not share pedicure tools

Avoid sharing manicure tools like nail clippers and files. Since toenail fungus is contagious, it is easy to get it from someone else. If you like going to the nail salon for a pedicure, take a break and do your pedicure at home. When doing a pedicure at home, use clean tools and do not share with other members of the family. Immediately after using the tools, make sure that you sanitize them and keep them in a proper storage space. Cleaning and sanitizing pedicure tools will avoid transfer of infection and keep the toenail fungus away.

  • Do not wear closed shoes for long

Closed shoes should not be worn for a long time. If you wear closed shoes for more than 12 hours a day, there are chances that you will get toenail fungus. It is advisable to take off your closed shoes and allow your feet to breath.

Once you get to the house, remove your closed shoes and wear slippers or sandals. Allowing your feet to breath is the best way to prevent the growth of fungus. Always give your feet time to breath so that you can prevent the growth of fungus.

  • Wear clean socks and shoes

You need to maintain high levels of hygiene to prevent the growth of fungus. Always wear a fresh pair of socks in the morning. Avoid wearing a pair of socks more than once because it will only lead to the growth of fungus. It is also recommended that you clean your shoes regularly. Buy more than one pair of shoes and wear them alternatively.

  • Be careful on public bathrooms

Many people catch toenail fungus in public bathrooms like the gym. When going to public bathrooms, be careful with your feet. Always make sure that you wear sandals when using public bathrooms. Apart from using the correct footwear, it is also advisable to avoid stepping on large pools of water.

If you feel that the bathroom is flooded, avoid using it immediately. Most of the time, fungus grow in pools of water and make sure that you avoid coming into contact with dirty water in the bathroom.

After getting toenail fungus for the first time, always inspect your feet for signs of infection. The earlier you notice the signs of toenail fungus, the easier it becomes to treat the condition.

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