Kerasal For Toenail Fungus: Benefits & Side Effects! Find All NOW

Toenail Fungus is one of the most common toenail problems one can ever have. Although it can be harmless for many, it becomes a sign of embarrassment.

Also, in some cases, toenail fungus can get severe and enter one’s bloodstream causing the massive spread of the fungi.

Fungi naturally exist in our body but they begin to multiply in damp, moist or humid skin conditions. 

Most toenail fungus infections can be treated using topical antifungal creams and other remedies.

While most topical antifungal creams take time to reverse the infection, there’s one that starts showing effects within 7 days of application.

What is Kerasal?

Kerasal is a toenail fungus or foot skin treatment topical medicine. It is made of salicylic acid and urea topical. 

Salicylic acid is used as a peeling agent in topical creams, whereas, urea is used to moisturize the skin.

The combination of these two is used to often treat dry and rough skin and nails by softening them. It is also used in the treatment of toenail fungus.

About the brand

Kerasal is a trustworthy foot care brand that treats toenail fungus as well.

It comes in three variants:

  • Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal:

This is a nail repair solution that treats nails damaged by fungus. It reduces the thickness of your nails, reduces discolouration and keeps the nails hydrated.

It is formulated without any artificial ingredients or fragrances.

  • Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair:

This solution helps remove the hard, rough and scaly skin. It is mainly used to treat cracked skin.

  • Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair:

This improves the condition of the nails along with their appearances. It can be used for swollen skin, fungi infections or simply to reverse the damage by manicure, pedicure or ageing.

Benefits of applying for Kerasal topical cosmetic medicine on the toenail affected with fungus:

  • 1. Clinically Approved Topical Treatment – Works for sure!

While most topical treatments don’t work on toenail fungus, Kerasal does. It has been clinically approved to work in all individuals with toenail fungus infection.

A study conducted by Kerasal states, “A recent study has shown that the majority of users start to see improvement within 2 days.

Over 90% of people in a clinical trial saw a visible improvement after 8 weeks when used as directed.”

  • 2. Can’t remove the fungi, yet it can treat the symptoms.

You should know that Kerasal is not the cure for toenail fungus, it is simply used to treat the nail and not the condition overall.

Your doctor will prescribe an oral antifungal medicine which is the most effective in curing a toenail fungus.

Along with the oral medication, you can apply Kerasal topically to soften the nailbed, skin around it and reduce discolouration too.

  • 3. Results in 2 days!

Kerasal starts working within a day or maximum- 2 days! You can see visible results after using Kerasal in just two days.

You will see reduces yellowishness, softening skin around the infected toenail and hydrated nails.

  • 4. Treats Damaged Toenails

If you have surgically removed your toenail because of its severity, you can try applying Kerasal to treat the damage.

It usually takes 12 months for the toenail to grow in its original shape and texture, but with Kerasal the process can be faster.

  • 5. Promotes Healing

Unlike other topical creams and gels, Kerasal has no side-effects. It promotes healing of the skin around the toenail by keeping the nail and skin hydrated.

It also prevents the toenails from being too moist as fungi thrive in the moist atmosphere.

How to use Kerasal for Toenail Fungus?

This commonly used topical medication should be used very regularly to treat the toenails. In a recent clinical trial, over 90% of people saw a drastic improvement in their toenail conditions within 8 weeks. 

You simply have to apply a very thin layer of Kerasal on your affected nails. For the first week, you need to apply Kerasal twice a day; then, you can apply it once every day. 

Allow Kerasal to dry for a few minutes after application. Repeat and continue this process for at least 8 weeks for best results. 

Do not apply Kerasal on cracked, bleeding or wounded skin. It might cause irritation.

Are there any side-effects of using Kerasal for Toenail Fungus?

No, Kerasal doesn’t have any side-effects usually. In rare cases, long-term uses of Kerasal can impact your health. When Kerasal is absorbed through your skin, it may cause dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea, trouble in breathing, and hearing loss.

Avoid smoking till the gel is dry as it can be inflammable too. Do not topically apply this medicine on or in your eyes, nose, mouth, rectum, or vagina. If irritation persists around the toenail or the affected skin, wash it immediately and contact a doctor.

Do you need a doctor’s prescription to use Kerasal?

Not really. Kerasal is a cosmetic topical gel. It can be used to treat many skin and nail infections including rough, dry, scaly skin, athlete’s foot or even damage caused by a toenail fungus infection. It contains very common ingredients that cause no harm. 

In some cases, doctors may prescribe Kerasal to treat toenail fungus’ symptoms. However, you’re free to use this topical treatment if the fungus infection is mild and has just begun. 

Studies to Support that Kerasal treats Toenail Fungus

In a recent study conducted by NCBI, researchers proved how “Kerasal Nail rapidly improved the physical attributes of onychomycosis-affected nails, with discolouration, in particular, showing early improvements in the majority of patients.”

It proved how Kerasal is well tolerated in most people and is cosmetically safe for application. It improves the condition and appearance of the affected nails within the first week of the treatment. 

The most recent claim by the brand ‘Kerasal’ states that the new dosage and application strategy has improved results. It can improve the condition of nails within just 2 days of usage. The improvement is very visual and quite noticeable. 


To conclude, Kerasal is common, safe and easy to use. You can use it to treat the worst cases of nail damage caused by a fungus infection.

Hence, this is one of the best topical treatments for Toenail Fungus.


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