Onion Or Garlic Better For Treating Toenail Fungu

Onion Or Garlic Better For Treating Toenail Fungus: Find the Best

A toenail fungus may not be diagnosed in its early stages as there are no symptoms. As time passes, you may see your nail becoming thicker, yellower and smellier.

That is exactly when you must rush to a doctor. It might be a normal infection sometimes; however, most toenail fungus infections start with an infection.

Treatment is essential, but in some cases, you may use home remedies too.

Some home remedies can completely treat toenail fungus of its roots and prevent it from occurring again. Let us take onions and garlic for example.

You may choose one or use both too. Let us understand the difference between the two and how they can be used to treat toenail fungus.

What can onions do for toenail fungus?

Onions are power-packed with anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that make it very easy to treat toenail fungus.

Experts suggest using onion juice to treat toenail fungus. Its juice contains sulphur compounds that can restrict the growth of fungi.

The strong smell of onion prevents the bad smell from your toes and cleanses them. Onions have been a great source of skin and nail treatment for ages now.

What can garlic do for toenail fungus?

Garlic cloves are magical! They have been used as medicinal cures for so many skin, hair and nail problems. Many bacterial and fungal infections can be treated with it.

Garlic has a very magical compound called Ajoene. It helps us get rid of the causative fungus. It stops the fungi from multiplying and controls the infection too. 

Can onions and garlic be used together to treat toenail fungus?

There are lesser studies to prove how both can be used together to kill toenail fungus. You may use them alternatively to treat toenail fungus.

Some people prefer applying garlic paste with lemon once and onion juice after a while. The two treatments may help get rid of the condition faster.

What is a better toenail fungus remedy: Onions or Garlic?

Studies suggest garlic is a better option for treating toenail fungus. Garlic’s antimicrobial and antifungal properties can kill the thriving fungi.

Tinea pedis is one of the harmful microbes present in fungus. Allicin present in garlic helps get rid of this microbe and other yeast formations.” quoted by The Health Site in 2015. 

Ways to Use Garlic for Toenail Fungus

Garlic is very easy to use. You may do the following.

  • 1. Crushed Garlic Cloves

You may take about 3 to 4 garlic cloves, peel and crush them. Add some baking soda or salt and squeeze a few drops of lemon to obtain a smooth paste.

Apply it on your nail and affected skin and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it immediately if you feel any irritation. You must do this for at least a month to see the best results.

  • 2. Garlic Powder

Antifungal powders are generally dusted on toenail fungus and left there. Garlic powder is also used in the same way. You may get garlic powder at any local grocery store.

Dust it in reasonable quantities and leave it there. Wash after a few hours for amazing results.

  • 3. Garlic Oil

Garlic oil has absolutely wonderful antifungal properties that can prevent the fungi from growing.

You may apply garlic oil at night and leave it, rinse it in the morning and continue to do so for a month or two. Depending on the severity of toenail fungus, you will see the results within some weeks.

Ways to Use Onions for Toenail Fungus

Although onions are not as effective as garlic, they can be a great way to treat toenail fungus in the beginning.

  • 1. Onion Juice

One of the best ways to use onions for toenail fungus is onion juice. You may grate some onions and squeeze the grated onions to obtain its juice.

Coat your toenail with some onion juice to obtain a clear toenail within weeks.

  • 2. Onion slice

Ayurveda Practitioners state how covering your toenail with an onion piece or slice can help you get rid of toenail infections completely.

  • 3. Lemon + Onion

Adding lemon juice to onion juice can make it even more pungent. The pungent odour of lemon and onion can kill the thriving fungi and clear the yellowness of your nails.

Applying it daily and rinsing in 10 minutes can save you from multiple doctor visits.

What are the benefits of using onions and garlic for Toenail Fungus?

Implementing the usage of garlic in your daily diet can help prevent the spread of toenail fungus in your blood and other organs.

In some cases, the fungus can spread to other areas or organs too. That becomes deadly and can even lead to death.

Onions can be a great way to include antimicrobial agents in your diet or even topical application of onions can enhance skin health.

Oral consumption and topical applications may have skin, nail and other health benefits.

How long do Garlic or Onion home remedies for Toenail Fungus take?

Most Garlic remedies take about a month to start showing results. However, this depends on the regularity of usage and severity of the toenail fungus.

Some people may have allergies as garlic is acidic in nature and may cause burns if used for more than 30 minutes.

Onion remedies take longer than garlic remedies as it has less antifungal and antimicrobial properties than garlic.

Researchers have found that onion remedies can take about two months to start showing noticeable results in most cases. However, if you have just discovered about your condition, it is reversible easily.

Studies to support Garlic or Onion Remedies for Toenail Fungus

Researchers at NCBI explain how garlic extract has antifungal and antioxidant effects that can treat onychomycosis (toenail fungus infection). 

Onions can be used as an alternative potential toenail remedy but it is not as effective and efficient as garlic remedies.

Hence, we can say that all the pieces of evidence point that garlic is a very good source of toenail fungus treatment.

Provided you continue to take your medications well, garlic and onion can benefit a lot simultaneously.


Although garlic and onions are great toenail fungus home remedies, they are not replacements of your medicines.

You must continue to timely consume oral medicines and apply over-the-counter topical creams. 

You may orally consume garlic and onion and include them in your diet (flavourful diet). This can help you get faster results too.

Try using onion remedies in the morning and garlic pastes at night for best results.









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