Oregano Oil to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

How to Use Oregano Oil to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a very common problem, especially among adults. The fungus that causes this infection seeps deep into your nails and embeds in your nail buds. It slowly discolours your nail, then hardens it, and finally makes it crust and all off.

This infection can become very uncomfortable and painful if you leave it untreated. Since your nail isn’t accessible by your nerves, taking medicines inside your body barely has any effect. Modern medicine doesn’t offer a lot of effective remedies either. The ones that work leave you with a lot of serious side effects, so you’d be better off not using them.

Fortunately, there are a lot of home remedies that can get rid of this infection in a matter of weeks, with barely any side effects. One of them is Oregano oil. In fact, it is one of the best ones.

Why Oregano Oil?

You might have used the herb Oregano in your recipes. That’s oregano mаrjоrаm, which doesn’t have any healing properties though. But, did you know that you can extract a concentrated oil from the Oregano plant that can be used to treat several ailments?

Oregano oil is a highly concentrated version of Oregano, and it has strong anti-fungal properties. It is a powerful, but natural antiseptic that can be both consumed and applied to the infected area.

Researchers experimented with Oregano, Thyme and Sage on various infections to see which works best. Results showed that Oregano was unanimously the best cure for most infections. It contains Thymol and Carvacrol. These two active ingredients are responsible for this oil’s exemplary anti-fungal properties.

It can be used to fight bacterial, fungal and yeast infections effectively. Research has shown that its effect is compared to penicillin if you take it internally. It can also be used to fight intestinal parasites, acne and a host of other problems.

Oregano oil is also one of the best cures for a yeast infection (even the most stubborn kind), athletes’ foot and gingivitis. But it is particularly effective in treating toenail fungal infection.

It doesn’t just get rid of the discolouration and hardness like the other remedies do. It gets to the root of the problem. It removes the fungus that is in your nail bed, so the infection doesn’t return. This makes Oregano oil a more effective remedy than the other remedies that just remove the symptoms, but not the problem.

Does it Cause Any Side Effects?

You can use this oil to treat your ailments without worrying about serious side effects. But, since it is in a highly concentrated form, it could cause irritation when applied to the sensitive skin. But, it is certainly gentler than the modern medicines used to treat this infection. Never apply it around your eye though.

If you are going to apply it on your skin, swab a bit of it in your inner arm first. If you don’t see any irritation, swelling or inflammation after a few minutes, then you can go ahead and apply it to the rest of the infected area.

If you have sensitive skin though, you must dilute the oil to make it safe for application. Don’t dilute it with water as that’ll reduce its effectiveness. Use another vegetable oil instead. Olive oil is the perfect carrier for Oregano oil, and it’s affordable as well.

Be careful while buying Oregano oil. Buy from a reputed health store, either online or offline. Certain stores sell oil that is polluted with the Oregano mаrjоrаm you use for cooking. This impure oil isn’t as effective in treating infections. So, read reviews on the product before you buy the product.

How to Use it?

The process is very simple. First, dilute the Oregano oil with carrier oils like Olive oil or Jojoba. Add a few drops of Oregano oil to a tablespoon of the carrier oil of your choice. A few drops are more than enough to retain the anti-fungal properties of the oil while making it safe for application.

Then, dab the mixture on the affected area and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Your toe should be exposed to the air, so the oil gets absorbed inside your nail. Don’t wear shoes or socks for at least an hour after application. If the oil doesn’t get absorbed, it won’t get to the nail bed, and you might not get rid of the problem.

Try this remedy for twice a day if you have the time. At least once a day is a must though. If you reduce the frequency to anything less than that, you might not see results immediately.

If you do the procedure properly, you’ll get rid of toenail fungus in just 3 to 4 weeks. As your old nail grows out and your new nail pops up, you’ll see the difference in colouring and texture. Your new nail will be infection free.

Don’t stop after a few weeks though. Apply the oil for at least 4-5 months to make sure that the infection doesn’t come back.

Oregano oil can be an effective and relatively faster remedy for toenail fungus. The key to recovery in here is persistence though. Follow the procedure to a T and don’t leave gaps in between, and you’ll certainly start seeing results soon.

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