Toenail Fungus Nail Polish

Toenail Fungus Nail Polish

Onychomycosis or tinea unguium is the main culprit! Infection caused by this dreadful microorganism mostly attacks toenails or fingernails. T. unguium is sneaky enough in a way that it develops infection over time. It is hard to see any immediate difference in the looks of the nails. It just enters through skin cuts or cracked skin and starts growing there, provided the optimal growth conditions. So, you should be extra careful!

Shoes are the Gateway to Onychomycosis!

The optimal conditions for the fungi to grow are right in your shoes. How?? In shoes your feet are set in a warm and damp environment, this’s all that fungi need to grow. The same is what American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) claims, that these fungi and also those which are causative agents of ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot and even nail infections, require the warm and moist environment to overpopulate.

Does it Look Really Awful?

Change in appearance starts with the formation of white or yellow spots on the tip of the toenails or fingernails. And if left ignored it’ll get more dangerous in looks as well as in effect. Nails will become discoloured and thickened and also will crumble at the fringes.

Tinea is interested more in men than women! Onychomycosis hits older men far more than the women, probably due to their hectic and rough lifestyle. Smokers and those with weak immunity are prime candidates. Swimmers also are at risk.

Time to spend money on doctors! As long as the infection is mild and causing no pain, RELAX! You can absolutely continue to enjoy cosmetics. But wait, what if the condition gets worse? For instance, if nail fungus is causing you pain, nail color is getting darker due to debris that is been collecting on the nails(due to fungi), they turn yellow or brown, their shape is distorted and smelling bit foul, then this is exactly the right time for you to be worried about the problem.

First, take self-care steps: whenever you visit the beauty salon for a pedicure, be sure they can confirm that instruments being used for the process are sterilized, if yes then, what method was used for the sterilization. Secondly, you need to take some home remedies to get rid of this annoying infection, like soaking your feet in a baking soda solution in water. According to some laboratory studies baking soda is an excellent antifungal agent as it kills 80% of fungal isolates. Or even the easier way to treat this infection is to directly apply coconut oil to your toenails. Coconut oil is an effective antifungal agent.

If home remedies have failed to treat this infection then it is time to consult the dermatologist. You will likely be prescribed antifungal creams, oral medications or skin lacquers. If the infection extremely bad, the damaged skin or nail may need to be removed.

Whether it’s home remedies or medical treatment, the process is time-consuming. What about the BEAUTY of your NAILS?

No worries! Just say thanks to the manufacturers of medicated nail polishes. They’ve resolved the problem by formulating medicated nail polishes that serve two purposes. The product beautifies your nails and treats the fungal and bacterial infections if any.

Just for Toenails Medicated Nail Polish: –

This is the first coloured nail polish for fungus-covered toenails. It is made up of Tea Tree Oil, a natural antifungal agent recommended by many podiatrists as a treatment for this infection. It’s been used in the US for a long time with 95% positive reviews. All you need to do is to cover the base of your nails with the clear nail polish, just to avoid discolouration of the nails. Then, add your favourite nail polish colour in two coats. The good thing about “Just for toenails medicated nail polish” is that it is free of any chemical like toluene, formaldehyde and phthalate. For the best results, you need to remove the old nail polish completely prior to using this. You can also use Tineacide and alike lacquer free medications as antifungals between the applications.

Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish: –

The cosmetics under this brand are all doctors-inspired with a dedication to formulating a product which utilizes hygienic and hypo-allergic ingredients. It is the product with natural ingredients including vitamins, tea tree oil and garlic. All these ingredients have been shown to exhibit excellent anti-fungal properties. It comes in 48 different yet beautiful colours. It is a lab tested product with almost no side effects. The main ingredients used to make this product have been tested for many years with discoloured or yellow nails. Manufacturers were confident to use these components for the product. It is well worth the use, as it has received 93% positive reviews from all over the world, especially from the US.

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