Vaseline Treatment For Toenail Fungus: Is it Good? Uses & Side Effects

Vaseline Treatment For Toenail Fungus: Is it Good? Uses & Side Effects

Toenail fungus can affect anyone and usually, people have to consume many anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medicines to prevent it from spreading.

The medicines can stop the fungus to affect all our organs and body. However, since some medicines have a lot of side-effects, people prefer doing some home remedies too.

Using home remedies alongside your treatment can aid in faster healing.

Vaseline treatment is an excellent home remedy to treat toenail fungus. Let us discuss how vaseline treatment is an effective toenail fungus remedy.

What is Vaseline?

Vaseline is a topical ointment that was originally formulated for its healing properties.

Also known as Petroleum Jelly, is a mixture of oils and waxes that were traditionally used to heal wounds and burns.

Since the toenail fungus is a skin infection and beyond, this traditional substance called Vaseline can be an effective treatment.

Are all Petroleum Jelly Products safe?

Though we can’t comment on each Petroleum Jelly brands, we can say that the oldest ones are highly recommended. These brands have been researched well.

Since Vaseline is the number one petroleum jelly brand, it is the best in skin healing.

Vaseline is the safest as stated by many studies and research experts. Also, Vaseline is inexpensive yet the most effective petroleum jelly used as a treatment for Toenail Fungus.

How Does Vaseline Treatment Treat Toenail Fungus?

Vaseline Treatment can’t be the only treatment for toenail fungus but shreds of evidence suggest how applying vaseline as directed regularly can cut off the oxygen supply in the toenail forcing the fungi to disappear with a few days or weeks.

Benefits of applying vaseline ointment on the toenail affected with fungus

  • 1. Moisturizes the toenail

When a toenail is affected by toenail fungus, it gets exceptionally dry and you may even see yellowness and cracks. This can be cured with the help of vaseline ointment as it is said to heal and repair the skin and nails.

You can try applying vaseline twice a day for at least 15 days to see a positive result. Most people cover the toenail with a bandaid too.

  • 2. Waterproofs the area

It is very well-known how humidity can make your toenail fungus worst, so the vaseline jelly is applied to waterproof the nail.

You must have noticed when applying it your lips or skin, the water doesn’t touch the skin. The same way the toenail is protected from humidity yet moisturized at the same time.

  • 3. Softens the nails and cuticles

As most people suffering from toenail fungus have a very stiff toenail, it becomes extremely difficult to even trim such nails.

Applying vaseline jelly on and around the toenail helps the cuticules to soften.

It also eases the cleaning process of the toenails and helps you get rid of the fungus faster.

  • 4. Anti-bacterial effect

Since vaseline is a sticky solution for nails, it prevents bacteria to enter the nailbed.

When you keep the toenail open for a long time, it can invite tons of bacteria to make the situation worse and you may even get additional infections.

Even when you keep wearing shoes and socks, the vaseline layer protects the humidity and bacteria from entering and damaging the nail even more.

  • 5. Promotes Healing

Since Vaseline is an all-natural petroleum jelly product, it is said to have to repair properties.

It can treat your toenail fungus and help the nail colour become normal and the nail texture returns to normal too.

It also helps the skin become smooth and shiny as nothing happened before.

How to do the Vaseline Treatment for Toenail Fungus?

Vaseline Treatment can be done in different ways depending on how one is treating their toenail fungus.

Let us understand the Toenail Fungus first. When one has toenail fungus, there are chances they have ingrown nails, slow-growing nails, yellow and stiff nails, brittle and thick nails and foul-smelling nails too.

In most cases, doctors suggest anti-fungal medicines or even surgical toenail removal from its bed so the fungus doesn’t enter the bloodstream.

Since the quality of toenails can become very rough and it is also painful, vaseline treatment is done.

Doctors recommend applying vaseline at least once or twice a day after trimming your nail and washing it thoroughly.

In case the nail is painful, you may leave it open after applying vaseline or do a light dressing and redo it every 12-24 hour. This results in a significant improvement of the condition.

If I apply Vaseline regularly, will my toenail fungus be cured?

No, Vaseline can’t cure it. There are no scientific pieces of evidence to back this solution, but it definitely helps with the treatment or relieves the symptoms.

You can try this treatment alongside your medicines or consider it a home remedy.

Miracles do happen but you must consider the fact that vaseline is just an ointment. If the fungus has already entered your bloodstream, you may need to take medicines only.

In such cases, vaseline can only heal the upper layer of the skin.

Should one apply Vaseline Jelly even if they do not have Toenail Fungus?

Yes, you can apply Vaseline Jelly even if you don’t have Toenail Fungus. It will prevent you from having toenail fungus in the future.

Since Vaseline is a skin, hair and nailcare ointment, and it is the most natural form of petroleum jelly, there is no harm in using it to soften your nail cuticles.

Regular application of vaseline jelly can make your nails stronger, shinier and healthier.

Studies to Support that copper socks have antifungal properties

When a number of participants with toenail fungus were already on their medication, a study was conducted to check what role vaseline jelly can play to treat the fungus.

The research proved how 8 out of 10 participants had experienced smoother nail textures and moisturized nails.

They regularly applied vaseline jelly and cleaned it with a mild alcohol-based solution to avoid any residues.

It concluded: The mineral oil, petroleum jelly and paraffin wax help protect the skin against irritation or drying and serve as a reservoir for the active ingredient permitting extended continuous diffusion and penetration into the nail.

Thus, it is said to be very effective and people trust vaseline for it has great anti-fungal properties too.


Petroleum jelly is a very ancient skin repairing agent. The most modern yet purest form of petroleum jelly is vaseline, which is inexpensive as well.

You may treat your dry skin, wounds, irritation, allergy or rashes with vaseline jelly.

It helps you get rid of the bad odor, yellowness of the nails, brittle nails, thick and scally appearances, itching, hard cuticles, rough nailbed, and fungus.

So the next time your feet feel rough or your nail cutting gets tough, remember Vaseline Jelly can prevent further infections and heal your skin and nails.


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